Two Reasons to Hire a Personal Stylist After Changing Your Hair and Improving Your Skin

15 April 2022
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If you've changed your hair colour or hairstyle and made some changes to your skincare routine that have significantly improved its condition, now could be the perfect time to hire a personal stylist. Read on to learn why.

Your current wardrobe might not suit your new hairstyle or colour

When you make any significant change to your hairstyle or hair colour, you may find that your clothes no longer suit you. For example, if you used to be a brunette and you're now a redhead, your previous clothing collection of pink, orange and yellow clothes might not complement your red tresses. In this situation, having a personal stylist help you shop for some new clothes could be useful, as they'll know which hues will work with the particular shade of red hair you've chosen and will thus help you to avoid buying items that clash with or look too similar to your new hair colour.

They might, for example, show you a selection of green garments (as green tends to look particularly beautiful on red-haired people) and point out the specific shades of green that will suit the type of red hair dye you've chosen, and direct you away from pastels that might give you a washed-out look.

Similarly, a drastic change to your hairstyle might result in you needing the help of a personal stylist. If for example, you've gone from long hair to a pixie cut, and currently have a wardrobe full of high-necked, long-sleeved garments, a personal stylist might help you to buy a few new items that showcase your shoulders, décolleté and neck, as one of the great things about having a pixie hair cut is that it accentuates these areas, instead of hiding them in the way that long hair sometimes does.

You might enjoy making bolder fashion choices now that your skin has improved

If you've made changes to your skincare routine that have significantly improved its condition, you might benefit from getting some advice from a personal stylist. The reason for this is that when a person's skin improves, they often feel more confident and more interested in experimenting with bolder fashion choices. If for example, you had severe acne in the past, you may have gravitated towards clothing in muted colours and generic styles that made you blend into the background when you were around others, because your acne made you self-conscious.

However, if your confidence has grown as your acne has faded, you might now want to wear clothes that help you to stand out, instead of blending in. If this is the case, a personal stylist's advice could be invaluable, as they could help you to choose items that are not just unique or striking, but that also flatter your skin tone (which might now be less ruddy if your acne is under control and so might suit different coloured clothes than it once did), your figure and your (newly self-assured and happier) personality.